When I Got Lost in Barcelona

February 15 of 2013, I got lost in a foreign city. I didn't speak Spanish (now I do, ironically), and the only map I had was a marked up one I had found in my group's hostel. Who in this day in age knows how to read a map though... I mean really? Let me … Continue reading When I Got Lost in Barcelona


You Are the Best Thing

spotify:track:1jyddn36UN4tVsJGtaJfem From October right up until first snowfall, is my second favourite season (the first will forever and always be winter). This month signifies 75% of 2016 has come and gone. I remember making goals in January; wondering what this year would bring to my life, and what my life would bring to it... I … Continue reading You Are the Best Thing

[R+A] Engagement

Some friends of mine are getting married in 3 weeks! I feel so honoured to have been asked to photograph their engagement and wedding. I'll admit, I shed a few tears while I finished editing Randy and Allison's photos. If I describe this lovely couple with words, they are compassionate, soft-hearted, genuine people. Together, as married people, … Continue reading [R+A] Engagement

[Amigas] Photo Session

A dear friend turned 23 last week! We did some exploring in the rolling hills of the Pembina Valley; found a teeny-tiny church, and a whole lot of lilacs. Thanks {friend} for being such a wonderful person in my life. You're a beautiful person who has accomplished much in the past few years! Thanks to … Continue reading [Amigas] Photo Session

Why I Write

I love writing. I like making thoughts more permanent; unleashing the messy, open-ended thoughts that are continuously swirling around in my brain. At the beginning of the school year, my academic writing professor told us this: give your audience something to taste, see, smell, hear; something to put a picture to easily. THAT is what I love … Continue reading Why I Write